Kronos Edict

U'leaire session one.

Our story began as the five members of the party waited in the empty tavern of the shielded paths inn, shortly after a rousing game of nancy brought on by Dominick, they were informed their mysterious contact was ready for them. As they entered the room they saw what looked like their usual contact waiting for them, but much to their surprise things were not as they seemed. After a few moments of confusion the hooded figure revealed himself to be Tet, they alleged new god that appeared fifty some odd years ago. After a few minutes of discussion and a few magical tricks to attempt to prove to the party Tet was the real thing, a deal was struck. Tet would help the party and the party would help Tet. He informed them of all the strange goings on in the town of Hopes Beacon, strange nightly goblin attacks keeping the town restless and awake for days, disappearance of citizens only to return a few days later with a cold disposition, an alleged demon blade within the town. With this information, a little bit of gold, a plan for a contract with a magic shop owner named Magi, and some magical items from Tet, the party set out to find info about whats been going on in the town.

The party decided that it would be best to split their efforts and talked to both the captain of the city guard and the mayor of Hopes Beacon. While Dominick and Anton(Travis characters name?) decided to travel to the west gate of town and talk to captain Housmen, Jinn, Bashar, and Aelita went to the center of town to see the mayor. On their way to visit the mayor Aelita noticed that the glasses, given by Tet to view the few people in town that went missing and came back different, were working showing a pair of people walked through town in the guise of townspeople but in reality recognized by Aelita later as doppelgangers. Both sets of the party found out that the goblin attacks that were occurring were not normal attacks people were used to. They seemed to be of an all black color with no iris’ or pupils, just pure white eyes, and were not killed by normal means. Attacking them only resulted in showing a gross black ichor from inside them before they pulled themselves back together. Sadly the mayor was not in at the moment but his assistant said she would find the party the moment he arrived, Dominick and Anton were informed that if they met the guards around dusk, they could join in for what they were told would be the next nightly attack.

So the party reconvened in the center of town to discuss what they had learned. Shorty after meeting up, they were introduced to Magi as she threw a drunken plus sized man out of her shop, intrigued they gave her shop a visit. As Tet had claimed she had a deal set up for them in the way of if they only shop for magical items and need at her stores and spread the word and works of Magi she would give them a nice discount on all items they purchased and excellent deals in the future. The party agreed happily and a deal was struck. To start their new contract off right, she gave each party member a personal item made personally by her, for a small price of course.(John i’ll get you the information on your item soon)

After they finished their talks with Magi, the assistant to the mayor ran into her store looking for the party saying the mayor had returned from his daily tasks and could see the party. In hopes they could get some new or more information, they hastily made their way to town hall. As they met with mayor Beckmen, Aelita saw the shocking fact that mayor Beckmen was a doppelganger himself. Without knowing how to proceed the party attempted to gain new information from the now alleged mayor. Part way through their meeting, Dominick and Jinn noticed some strange singing coming from upstairs, very relaxing and soothing singing, at which point Dominick noticed the “mayor” had no bags under his eyes and seemed to be rested compared to the rest of the town. Nervously mayor Beckmen asked if the party wanted to meet the source of the singing to which the party agreed. He took the party upstairs and unlocked a bedroom door to reveal a beautiful young woman in elegant what seemed like dancers clothes named Arianna. After a few moments of singing and an almost serene tranquility that filled the room, the party began to question the young woman. Much to their surprise after speaking to her, her use of the word wielder gave the party a strange feeling about what she may be, Aeltia realizing that her using the word wielder in the way of wielding a weapon and Jinn realizing that Arianna was in fact the demon blade they were informed about. After leaving the room and returning to the mayors office door, mayor Beckmen turned around and begged the party to remove Arianna from the town in anyway they saw fit. Confused the party asked why. Mayor Beckmen claimed, without any real proof, that she was the real reason the goblin attack were getting worse. As he held out his hand with the key to Ariannas room, A bloodcurdling scream was heard from somewhere within the town. Dominick snatched the key from the mayors hand and the party dashed into action.

As for what happens next, we’ll have to wait for next week!


Jawndar AlexHook

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