You have become, by some twist of fate, intimately connected with a type of forbidden, Unbound magic. This doesn’t mean that you know any Unbound magic, but it may mean that you seek to know some. No matter what the circumstances of your sensitivity, you can fell Unbound magic near you, sniff it out on the breeze, sense it’s variations from normal magic. Over time this sensitivity has grown, proving to you that somehow, there is some innate difference between Unbound and Bound magic, they are definitely not different versions of the same thing.

How did your sensitivity manifest itself? Many Unravelers have some kind of sensory awareness of Unbound magic, a whiff of ozone on the breeze, a faint tinkling of some discordant melody, a haze or shimmer of the light. Do you have anything like that, and if so how does it affect you? Are you curious about your gift, or do you view it as a curse, somehow ostracizing you from the life you wished to lead? Were you Impure or Pure? Who were you before you began to sense Unbound magic, or were you always this way, born with the gift? If you are Pure, are you a member of the Weavers, the sect of the Order dedicated to tracking down and stamping out Unbound magic, protecting the world from its corrupting influence? Or maybe you are hunted by them?


Skills: Insight, Investigation
Tools: One set of artisan’s tools and one gaming set of your choice
Unraveler’s Sense: You may use the Wisdom (Insight) skill to attempt to detect a suspected source of Unbound magic, similar to the use of the Intelligence (Arcana) skill in detecting Bound magic. Additionally, you have a passive sense of Unbound magic, should it be powerful enough, or close enough in proximity to you.

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