The Thinker

From the Order science was born, law imposed upon the chaos. The Thinker established it, granting a structure and process to the bare elements…

The Thinker brought reason and intellect to the world, a process of deduction, and a sense of logic to the facets of creation. He is revered for establishing the laws of science and magic, and the pursuit of discovery of these laws is considered a great service to him. However, he encompasses the memory of the chaos and bestial instinct that came before conscious thought, serving as a reminder to the Pure of their origins.

He is depicted as bare-chested, wearing simple long pants and well-worn traveling boots, along with a hooded cloak. The Thinker usually is shown sitting cross-legged in a meditative posture, a book; sometimes open, sometimes closed; cradled in his left hand, and a large ewer of water held in his right.

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The Thinker

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