The Seer

From the Order time was born, with it a future and therefore a past. The Seer envisioned it, giving potential to the bare elements…

The Seer brought with her the gifts of foresight, to be able to envision a future and have it come to pass. Imagination, curiosity, dread, wonder, all these and more she inspired in the Pure, giving them the ability to comprehend time, the future, and the past. With all of this came emotion, and the realization that all things must have a beginning and an end.

She is pictured as a beautiful woman, eyes wide and tears streaming down her face. She is garbed in simple metal armor or a plain dress depending on the location, and has her arms spread out to the sides with her palms facing up and fingers splayed. Images of her must always be able to feel the breeze, and have the sun, moon, and stars shed their light upon her. Ashes are placed in her hands and around her feet, replaced as the elements wear them away.

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The Seer

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