The Order

From the Order, Kedrana grew and flourished, her beauty both stark and verdant. But They always knew there would come a time for them to Depart, and so the Flux would return. The people grew out of the Cultivator’s care, the world grew heedless of the Sculptor’s hand, the Order proceeded beyond the Thinker’s reach, and the Seer saw their age coming to a close…

This is the time during which Kedrana’s lands were tread by the Ancestors, as well as the name of the religion they left in their wake.

The Order is only practiced by, and only open to, those of the Pure. It is they who were given the gifts offered by the Ancestors that are allowed to practice this faith. The Ancestors are revered as a whole and in parts equally across the worshipers in Kedrana. Each Pure reveres The Order as a whole, but generally puts particular emphasis on their given Ancestor. Such is the rule, but there are always exceptions, especially amongst Pure who travel frequently, or Pure of certain vocations and talents. One tenet that is observed by all followers of the Order is the idea of reincarnation. Each Pure was made from the raw elements, and so to the raw elements they will return, to be shaped into something new at a later time.

There are five major religious holidays; The Flowering, Lightweave, Shade’s Chase, The Arrival, and The Departure. The Flowering is the day between autumn and winter and is a time for remembrance and honor. Lightweave is the day between winter and spring, it is a time of anarchy and frivolity, a casting off of the burdens of life. Shade’s Chase is the day between spring and summer and is a celebration of plenty, a time of sharing, feasting, contests, and performances. The Arrival is the start of the new year, the time to mark the anniversary of the Ancestors arrival in Kedrana, and takes place the week around The Departure. The Departure is the official end to the old year, a celebration of the gifts, achievements, and events of the previous year, and to honor the memory of the Ancestors as they passed from Kedrana. It takes place on the day between summer and autumn.

The Ancestors
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The Order

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