The Kronos Edict

And so They took the people, the land, the order and the chaos; time and magic, elements, future, and past; They took everything They had wrought and in one last act, combined it all into a promise. A promise of everything They had brought, that it should never expire. And with that They Departed, leaving behind the Kronos Edict in their stead…

The Kronos Edict is a matter of much debate, even amongst scholars of the Order. Some view it in the literal sense as passed down in their tenets, as a document or scripture of the laws and promises from the Ancestors to the Pure. Most think of the Edict in a metaphorical sense, believing it to be the land itself, or perhaps their existence, or maybe the lack of the Flux. A few even believe that the Edict is a lie, a fabrication made up by the early Pure simply to console themselves on the passing of the Ancestors.

There are as many questions as there are answers when it comes to the Kronos Edict, and it seems whoever you talk to is asking and stating their own.

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The Kronos Edict

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