The Balance

The heartlands of Kedrana, this no-man’s-land is the safest place for Impure. Situated between all four nations, the Balance is claimed by none, but unspoken control falls to the nation currently opposite of the seasonal element. Not a true country, the Balance is a motley collection of Impure, Pure, and anything and everything in between. Some of the most extreme variations in terrain and climate on Kedrana exist in the Balance. This fantastical and verdant land teems with magical power, and offers a harsh yet passable existence for most of its residents.

While much of the Balance exists outside the sphere of influence of the Pure, there are several exceptions. The four Border Towns exist as gateways for trade, information, and war between the Four Nations and the Balance. They exist simultaneously under the sponsorship of the Pure and outside their laws. Most Pure recognize the need to maintain a presence and modicum of control over their interests in the Balance, the Border Towns and their Ambassadors are their concession to this need.

Tamarack Row, The Singing City (Border Town of Air)
Nox, City of Dusk (Border Town of Fire)
Breach Falls, The Veiled Port (Border Town of Water)
The Crawling Gardens of Gadice (Border Town of Earth)

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The Balance

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