You are a slaver, a purveyor of Impure flesh. You might lead raiding parties into the Balance, striking out for those who dwell in the unprotected regions. Maybe you’re more interested in the business aspect of the slave trade, preferring to stay safe in the confines of your city or establishment, simply brokering deals between supplier and prospective buyer. Either way, you serve a necessary role in the function of society in Kedrana, no matter how distasteful your trade might seem to some.

How is it that you have come to be an adventurer? Did you cut a deal that went sour, potentially angering the wrong person at the wrong time? Did your slaves start to get unruly, causing you trouble or ruining your reputation? Maybe some event gave you cold feet, or somehow drove you out of the business for personal reasons. Perhaps you’re just taking a more hands on approach to your enterprise? The slave trade booms nearly everywhere in Kedrana, take a look at the entries for the nations and races to see how slaves are particularly viewed in certain regions of the world.


Skills: Deception, Survival
Tools: Your choice of vehicles (land) or vehicles (water)
Languages: One language of your choice
Infamy: You are generally recognized for what and who you are most places in Kedrana, unless you take great lengths to disguise yourself. This also goes for your merchandise in the region in which you are most active. This affords you a certain amount of leeway in most situations, similar to the Pirate’s “Bad Reputation” feature. However it may not always be beneficial to you to be recognized…

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