Seeker of the Outside

You are a member of the Seekers of the Outside, a cult that has risen up in recent years amongst the Impure in the Balance, spreading even into the Four Nations. Perhaps you are an earnest worshiper, simply seeking guidance along life’s path, maybe you signed up because of vengeance or hatred, perhaps to right some grievous past wrong, or maybe you just got caught up in the fervor of the moment, swept away in a tide of demagoguery. Regardless of your level of devotion, anywhere from casual to foaming-at-the-mouth, you’ve been accepted into their ranks and to some extent believe what the Seekers are preaching.

If the Ancestors came from Within and Without, perhaps there are others like them, or other places like this! If the Pure can be saved, should their not be an Ancestor out there somewhere to save the Impure as well? The seekers are focused around this question, the idea of an Outsider, a savior simply waiting to take them home, or a champion waiting to be called to the fight?


Skills: Intimidation, Persuasion
Tools: One set of artisan’s tools, one gaming set
Rabble-Rouser: You may double your proficiency bonus on any Charisma check made to influence a crowd of people. This feature is only usable inside the Balance

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Seeker of the Outside

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