At some dark moment in your past, the brand of the Reideine manifested upon you. Perhaps your brand was easily disguised, and you’ve kept it hidden from friend and foe alike ever since. Perhaps it wasn’t, and you were chased from house and home by those you trusted and loved most. Perhaps you were accepted, and that pain was even too much to bear. However, in bitterness, in love, in stubbornness, whatever your choice may have been, you refused to give your life up. It has been yours since birth, and it will be yours through your dying breaths.

Perhaps there was curiosity at your brand, but never once since it manifested have you submitted to it. Although that’s not to say your mettle hasn’t been tested…

Requirements: You must be branded by the Reideine.


Skills: Stealth, Survival
Tools: Disguise kit
Languages: One language of your choice
Dark Secret: You can double your proficiency bonus on Charisma checks made to conceal your identity or to keep your brand secret.

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