You are of the purest of Pure bloodlines, a paragon of the Ancestors intent, and a power to be reckoned with. All with an ego to match. There are enormous noble families and houses amongst the Pure; Auziers in Gesprin, Ykvarse in Akshiva, Khafri in Pierentia, and Raiwen in Tarrus. You are a member of one of these subraces, born into privilege remarkable even by Pure standards. Your blood is different and more unique, your appearance proves that.

With the seasons halted, tensions are on the rise amongst Pure and Impure alike. A storm is brewing, everyone knows it, and war could very possibly be on the horizon. Pure are having to go out into the world and take a finer handle on matters, the time for distant string-pulling is coming to an end, at least for you. Perhaps you insulted the wrong person at the wrong time, or were selected for a secret mission. Maybe you are simply watching out for your personal or familial interests in the Balance in this time of trouble. Or maybe you are on the warpath, amassing an army, a following, or staunch allies for the conflict you are convinced is brewing. One thing is for certain, you must assure that your seat in society is not upset by the approaching change.

Requirements: You must be of the subrace Auzier, Khafri, Raiwen, or Ykvarse; additionally, selecting this background is the only way for you to play one of these four subraces.


Same as the Noble background in the PHB with the addition of granting the privilege to protect Impure accompanying you to some extent.

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