Herald of Order

You are a Herald of Order, trained in the priesthood of the Order and ordained as a full-fledged member. You are an acolyte of the Ancestors, following their teachings and upholding their promise in the form of the Kronos Edict. As a member of the clergy, you have had an extensive education and are afforded a comfortable, if not privileged, place in Pure society.

Which Ancestor do you follow closest, or do you revere each one equally? Where did you receive your training and who trained you? What first called you to lead such a religious life? What are your feelings towards the Seekers? In these times of uncertainty, many people seek to lean on the rock of faith, what effect does this have on you? Does it affirm everything you’ve been taught, or does it make you doubt the efficacy of your beliefs? And what has driven you out into the wider world?


Skills: History, Religion
Languages: Two languages of your choice
Ancestor’s Lore: During your training and studies, you had access to documents, places, people, and information that is sensitive, ancient, and private. This feature functions as the “Researcher” feature of the Sage background.

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Herald of Order

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