Half-orcs, unlike Half-elves, are fairly rare throughout most of Kedrana, including Tarrus. The sole exception to this is Gadice. While not a majority of the population, there are more Half-orcs settled here than anywhere else in Kedrana. Other than Gadice, one can occasionally find Half-orcs in the inner regions of Tarrus, or wandering the remote areas of upheaval between the Balance and the Four Nations. The reason for this relative rarity is not the foresight or abstinence of the Orcs, but instead their brutality. Slaves bearing Orcish children (for who else could water down their blood so) are generally disposed of quietly, along with the offending newborn. In some cases however, the Orcish parent has some ulterior motive, or simply a passing flight of fancy, and the child is allowed to live. Such children have their uses, but rarely survive long in Tarrusian society.

Racial Traits

Languages: Common and Terran (Replaces the Languages feature found in the PHB)
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