Half-elves are mainly found in Pierentia, but are not exactly uncommon in other areas of Kedrana. Often abandoned as infants or young children, they tend to grow up in the underbelly of society, usually finding themselves embroiled in plots and causes, both for good and ill. Half-elves kept by their elvish parents make valuable slaves or servants, bearing some of the blood that drives the power of Summer. However, these individuals are very rarely accepted into the family, and oftentimes find themselves treading the dagger’s edge of elvish politics with no real hope of reward.

Racial Traits

Summer’s Blood: (As the Fey Ancestry trait)
Languages: Elvish, your choice of Common or Ignan (perhaps depending on your childhood), and one extra language of your choice. (Replaces the Languages feature form the PHB)
All else as found in the PHB

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