Guardian of Balance

You are a Guardian of Balance, one of the few remaining of a once proud and strong secret order of warriors and teachers. The closest thing the Balance ever had to leaders, the Guardians were originally born hundreds of years ago as secret protectors and law-keepers for the citizens of the Balance. Swearing oaths to codes of honor and protection, the Guardians sought not to uproot the system, simply to carve out a safe niche within it.

In more recent times however, the Guardians were torn asunder from forces sent against them by the Four Nations. Scattered and broken, they tried clinging to their vows in the face of adversity, however they could not stop the seeds of radicalism from blossoming in their ranks, giving birth to the ideals upon which the Seekers of the Outside would eventually be founded. It was the subsequent civil war within the Guardians that truly sounded their death-knell. In the forty years since, the Guardians of Balance have dwindled to a mere fraction of their once powerful selves.

Perhaps the Guardians were in your blood, hearing tales from a parent or grandparent who took up arms to defend the Balance. Maybe you were a mercenary who fell on hard times and fell in among like-minded fellows, eventually adopting their creed. Regardless of your reasons, you’ve signed up for what appears to be a losing battle, both against the Pure, and those you would seek to protect from them as well.


Skills: Nature, Survival
Tools: Vehicles (land)
Languages: One language of your choice

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Guardian of Balance

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