Genasi can be born from a number of different circumstances; the mixture of fluxborn, or particularly potent Pure, blood into the bloodlines of an Impure, the birth of a child during a momentous upheaval of elemental power, proximity to one of the elemental planes, or magical experimentation, the above being the most common. Genasi live scattered across Kedrana, much as humans are, and similarly lack a cohesive cultural identity. Unlike humans, Genasi tend to gravitate towards the cultures and traditions not of their birth families or locales, but instead those of their elemental affinity.

Racial Traits

Languages: Common and your choice of Aquan, Terran, Ignan, or Auran. ( Replaces the Laguages feature found in the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion)
All else as found in the EEPC

Note: Genasi can select an affinity different from or the same as their subrace. If you select a different affinity, your appearance manifests as a combination of your subrace and affinity elements. For example, An Air Genasi with the Loamborn affinity might have dusty, dry, light brown or tan skin with sandy hair and the faint whirl of wind-stirred grit around their feet and legs.

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