Escaped Slave (Subject 32caY)

You have escaped from slavery somewhere in the world. Maybe you suffered unspeakable abuses in the pleasure dens of Pierentia, or horrible maiming working in an orcish mine. Perhaps strange experiments were carried out on you, or you were to be used as a sacrifice in some nefarious plot. Regardless of the circumstances of your imprisonment, you have since escaped, free to wander the world. At least until you’re found…

How did you escape? Was it a violent uprising, or flight into the darkness? Perhaps you were left for dead somewhere only to cling to life long enough to get medical attention, or maybe a friend or parental figure, from within the slave ranks or without, lent you invaluable aid. Were you ever free, or had you been brought up in captivity? It is a broad, unfamiliar world out there, fraught with unknown dangers and complex plots. Where will you fit in?


Skills: Perception, Sleight of Hand
Tools: One set of artisan’s tools, one musical instrument
Keen Eye: You spent some of your time in captivity noting the quirks and traits of your captors, as well as the layout of the facilities you were kept in. You can double your proficiency bonus on Wisdom checks made regarding the race who enslaved you. In addition you have familiar knowledge with the locale in which you were kept.

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Escaped Slave (Subject 32caY)

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