Dragon-kin, also referred to as Akshivans, inhabit the various isles and archipelagos, as well as the reefs and chasms, of the vast ocean nation of Akshiva. Great researchers, scientists, and theoreticians, in the spirit of the teachings of their Ancestor the Thinker, Dragon-kin are responsible for many of the magical wonders, developments and items found throughout Kedrana. Those who believe that some of the Impure were created rather than born point to the laboratories of Akshiva as their source. Dark rumors swirl about the Akshivans, of foul deeds and experiments bereft of moral or ethical considerations. However, their cleverness is legendary, and no one can ignore the advancements they’ve bestowed upon Kedrana. Legend tells that they descended from the mythical creatures known as Dragons, although no one alive even knows if Dragons truly ever existed. Even the Dragon-kin themselves cannot answer that question, choosing instead to believe in the spirit of the myth, or more rarely, that they themselves are those ancient Dragons, purified and refined by the Thinker. Red and Gold Dragon-kin tend to dwell in the warmer, shallower southern waters and climes, and tend to be the most common outside of Akshiva. Silver and White are much rarer, tending to live in the icy, glacier-laden deeps and rocky shores of the northern reaches. Blue and Brass live in the deepest central regions of the sea, favoring the black fathomless rifts towards the Plane of Water. Ykvarse is the name for those Dragon-kin lucky, powerful, or influential enough to be elected to the Hoard of Myrkist, the governing body of Akshiva. These Dragon-kin undergo a mysterious ritual, one that changes their physical appearance permanently. Beware meeting a Black, Green, Bronze, or Copper, for the Ykvarse are the powerful and mysterious secret-keepers of this watery nation.

Racial Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence score increases by 2 (This replaces the Ability Score Increase found in the PHB)
Amphibious: You can breathe air and water
Languages: Common and Aquan (This replaces the Languages feature found in the PHB)


Draconic Ancestry: You may select from the following list: Blue, Brass, Gold, Red, Silver, or White. Use the rules found in the PHB to determine the rest of your features accordingly
Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score (Gold, Red, White) or your Wisdom score (Blue, Brass, Silver) increases by 1


Draconic Evolution: You may select from the following list: Black, Bronze, Copper, or Green. Use the rules found in the PHB to determine the rest of your features accordingly, changing the element associated with Bronze form lightning to poison
Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 1

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