Ulrik Käng

A proud and unyielding orc noble.


Tall and sturdily built, with grayish-green skin and black hair.


Born into the house of Käng, a powerful house in its own right, Ulrik is nonetheless the grandson of Empress Raiwen through his mother’s side and has been raised with all the privilege that such a noble bloodline entails. With the seasons stalled on the precipice of autumn, Ulrik is concerned that Tarrus has for many months been denied its rightful share of power. He makes no secret of his disdain for the Impure whom necessity dictates he interact with in the Balance; and is unshakably certain of the cultural superiority of the orc race, which he sees as the best among betters with regards to the other Pure. The free people of the realm may call him evil, amoral, or any number of other slurs; but he knows that there is a social hierarchy ingrained in the world and that his people rest assuredly at the top, with all the privileges of their station a natural and inalienable right.

Ostensibly, Ulrik’s reason for coming to Tamarack Row was simply that it was another stop on his journey to seek out slavers with exceptional or rare chattel. In truth, though, he was also drawn there by the notion that he may begin to uncover clues regarding the unending summer from the Gespri scholars.

Ulrik is accompanied by his cousin and squire, Gurresh Käng (a high orc), as well as his trusted man servant Malak (a high orc) and a favored household slave Brag (a half-orc).

Ulrik Käng

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