The Mysterious Elf

The seemingly crazy elf you met in the amphitheatre beneath the Altar of Craft. He wore the garb of the Sculptor, yet preached to all of you the glories of the Outsider.


The particular event to take note, as his hand brushed against Cay his gaze centered on her, seeming sharper than it had been since you entered the room. He rasped out in hoarse common, “The blessing of the Outsider be upon you,” making a gesture with his right hand. Then he chanted in sing-song ignan,
“When comes to the one
Made bear burden of light;
The presence and darkness
Of depths and not night;
and dropped dead at your feet.

Lucina was the only one who actually heard the words, but she blurted out the translation as he died.

You have since established that this elf is somehow connected to “Phil” through an employer known as “Master” higher up the chain, suspected to be The Outsider.


The Mysterious Elf

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