Dolan Mar (Solomon Gray)

Charming Criminal Mastermind


For Solomon Gray, it was always about keen observation, attention to detail, and patience.

Solomon Gray was the first and only son of a merchant family of minor nobility. He was raised with an excellent education and spent his days observing and learning the family business. While Solomon was still young, his family was was economically destroyed, by a more powerful mercantile family that had been their allies, in a power move that could only be described as utterly ruthless. His parents couldn’t handle losing everything and the shame they felt at their loss of status. Solomon watched as his parents slowly lost their will to exist, as they gave up on fighting to survive. His father killed his mother and then himself leaving a young Solomon to fend for himself on the streets.

Solomon would’ve died on the streets except for the fact that he managed to fall in with a band of street kids. He spent his early days watching the various gangs, gathering what scraps he could by himself, until he found what he was looking for. A competent crew with an almost competent leader. He observed their mannerisms and their way of acting until he was able to blend in and convince them he could add value.

It was his time with this crew where Solomon learned the art of the hustle and the importance of being at the top of the food chain, regardless of the cost. He learned that absolute loyalty was important, but so was the fear of how ruthless you could be if that loyalty waned. Solomon used his natural charm and intellect to befriended the leader of the gang, playing the part of the submissive second until one night when the opportunity presented itself and he brutally murdered him in his sleep and took the gang for himself. While running a successful street crew was well and good, Solomon had his heart set on something else. Revenge. And he was willing to bide his time to see it happen.

Solomon never forgot his roots and used his a knack for observing others to pick up their mannerisms and the information they betrayed. One day on a routine hustle of a young traveling noble, Solomon found papers revealing the man they had accosted was a distant cousin coming into town to be the new apprentice to the local tariff collector for the same mercantile family that had betrayed his family and taken everything from him. Not one to scoff at fate when it presents such an opportunity, Solomon followed the noble to his Inn after the robbery and murdered him in his sleep.

Solomon used his talent for mimicry and natural charm to assume the identity of the man he had killed, becoming the apprentice to the local tariff collector. This was where Solomon learned the true art of building an effective criminal enterprise. He watched patiently, keenly observing who to bribe, who to blackmail, and who to simply ask nicely over a cup of vintage wine. He studied everything, plotting, waiting. A few years later when the time was right and Solomon had learned the trade, the tariff collector died “mysteriously” in his sleep, leaving Solomon to take over his position.

Solomon excelled at the underhanded dealings and ruthless nature of the position, but he still had a single mindedness as he prepared to exact his revenge. Slowly but surely, Solomon began selling the mercantile families secrets to their rival families. He quickly learned that that right information can not only be valuable, but also make you powerful. It was then that he created the first manifestation of “Phil”. What began as an avenue for revenge proved to be quite the enterprise. Solomon watched as the family that took everything from him was slowly bled dry while he established his criminal enterprise.

Over the years there have been a number of “Phils” that have went by many names, but the heart of it is has always been the idea of information at a price. For Solomon Gray, it has always been about keen observation, attention to detail, and patience and the role they play in the ruthless pursuit of power at any costs. Solomon would never again let himself be in a position to be taken advantage of by others. Now he is the one in control, with every intention of staying that way.

Dolan Mar (Solomon Gray)

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