• "Phil"


    A dark, soft-spoken dwarf who appears to have "interests" in many matters around Tamarack Row. You get the feeling that he's not who he says he is...
  • Eli Janes

    Eli Janes

    An earth genasi and current Ambassador of Air in Tamarack Row
  • Gideon Stormsoul

    Gideon Stormsoul

    Once thought to be an ally and compatriot, that entity was proven to actualy be Cypher. However the Actual Gideon Stormsoul is potentially on his way to Tamarack Row at present
  • Ivan Haartz

    Ivan Haartz

    A blond-haired and bearded orc, former peer of Ulrik and now (apparent) follower of the mysterious Sandro
  • Lucas Hajrudin

    Lucas Hajrudin

    A half-elf Druid and acquaintance of Thrym's, he has devoted his life to the study and extermination of one particular Unbound magic.
  • The Employer

    The Employer

    A mysterious figure with a dangerous agenda
  • The Mysterious Elf

    The Mysterious Elf

    The seemingly crazy elf you met in the amphitheatre beneath the Altar of Craft. He wore the garb of the Sculptor, yet preached to all of you the glories of the Outsider.
  • Thrym Rimehand

    Thrym Rimehand

    The crippled propietor of the World's End