Kronos Edict

Introduction to Kedrana

Adventure stirs...

Hey guys! Feel free to take a look through what I’ve got up so far. It’s not complete yet, but I feel like I have enough down for people to start brainstorming at least. If you see anything that seems interesting or looks like it’s missing, just let me know! Also feel free to start posting any ideas about characters or backgrounds, I know several of you already had some ideas going.

As for Brennan, John, and Gomes, let me know what you guys each think your status would be on participating in this game, if you can’t play full-time and want to still be involved in some way, we can talk about that. If you want to play a full-on PC, awesome!

I have sub-forums set up both for character ideas and for participation ideas.


Jawndar Jawndar

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