Kronos Edict

A time and past long forgotten towards a future unwritten.

“How is she?” Marx asked as he approached the small bed Jinn lay on. “Well she’s not out of the woods yet. Few are as strong as this one is, but I think in time she’ll pull through.” Lore-keeper Viper responds as he begins to return his books to their respective shelves. The air in the room is cold and the tension between the two men colder. Marx rolls back his sleeves to compare the black tendriled tattoos that cover his body and now cover the body of the young girl before him.

“How much longer can we keep letting people come back like this Marx? How many more lives have to be put at risk before you step up and say something?” Marx turns to viper now facing him, books slammed to the table at his side. “One more? Ten perhaps? I know it isn’t easy running an empire nor looking after so many lost souls like your guard, but enough is enough!”

The silence from Marx continued as the two stared at one another. Moments though what felt like minutes to hours, Marx in turn asked viper “Do you understand what you are asking?” Mark rolls his sleeves back down and his eyes narrow. “You’re telling me to inform my people of the danger that lurks around every corner and that there is nothing I can do about it?!?” Marx steps closer with each word and voice raising every sentence. “To let them feel the panic and a fear of those 250 years ago for no good reason other than to give them that fear?!?! I have not lived this long nor ruled over my people as I have by making rash poor decisions!!”

Viper now pushed back against his bookshelves with the 8 foot tall Goliath screaming in his face, releases a heavy sigh and pushes Marx gently away “I’m sorry, I know it is not my place to tell you how to rule nor live your life, but I still find it my places to warn and advise when the going gets tough, and right now it’s tougher than its ever been.” The two found themselves looking out the window over the vast city of Finnders Keep. “Soon, soon I’ll have all the answers I’ll need in order to help save my people and this world from the dangers arising.” Marx solemnly whispers to himself.

“I think I might be able to help with the answer you are looking for my gigantic muscular friend!” Both men turned to see a small childlike entity bouncing up and down on Jinns bed clapping his hands rapidly.

“It’s been quite some time Tet, it’s good to see you again, or I guess I should say, why the hell are you back?” Marx angered whispers turning into a roar. The room once again filled with silence, viper stood still jaw agape. “I’m afraid I haven’t a clue who you are good sir so it’s not possible for us to have met again, but I believe we should save the talking for once my little group of friends return, don’tcha think?” The tension in the room palpable, his hands still in fists. With a heavy sigh, fingers released Marx sat down. “Fine, have it your way. But we’ll be having a personal talk later punk, don’t you think otherwise. There’s a lot of explaining for you to do…” Marx trailed off his words as head magus radius poked his head in “Master Talbot? Shall I inform master Kingfisher of his arrival?” a few moments past as Tet slowly and quietly whispers to himself. “Please” as Marx slowly nods his head.

A dark, dank cave filled with moss and goblin blood lay before a man in a deep crimson cloak. As he wandered the deeper parts of the cave he found himself at a fork in the road of sorts, four paths to choose.

As he starts with the first, a dead end that leads no where, the second a few bodies lay throw about, some doppelganger, some human, some goblin. The third path chosen leads to an entrance where a mangled rotting corpse await the nose and eyes of those unready. A toothy grin climbs across the face of the cloaked man.

The man approaches the body and kneels down to get a closer look as the grin returns “Poor, poor Azoth, cut down before I could cut you down myself. Nothing more than foolish pawn not able to complete the simple task handed down” The mans hand reaches down into the ruined carcass of Azoth.

“If only you realized that this death will not bring you peace, for your work is not yet done” The bloody hand removes itself holding a small black crystal. The toothy grin of the man turned to malicious laughter.

“Well, we have what we came back for, come Chise, we have much left to do before Vali is ready for his grand stage.” As if from no where the small, slender woman bows and offers to take the gem from his hand. “As you wish master Percival” The cloaked man laughes as he walks out of the cave with the slender woman in tow. Percival Alben is making his move.

It had been a few days since Issac had rested his body, there was to much to do and far to little time for him to accomplish all he set out to. It was almost as if fate had it out for the drained half orc. Even being one of the chosen few, a champion can only do so much alone and under the guise of a civilian. Going through each and every safe house and church of Triniel, searching for those that stray from the correct path, has only shown him how far the depravity that seeped deep into the teaching of his god have reached.

Experiments, torture, abduction, and more were the crimes committed by those that were exposed to the truth and the lies told to them by an unknown source. Issac wiped his brow as he caught his breath wondering how much longer he would have to search. Dressing his wounds after freeing the last group of experimented children, his attackers none other than members of his own church.

He shook his head free from the thoughts of doubt and re-donned his hood and began pursuit of the last child. The screams and shouts of merchants and zealots from the streets filled his ears as he turned and saw who he was looking for, the small girl in a nuns habit leaping to the back of an elven woman and turning invisible. He followed and waiting for his moment but knew he could wait for just that, a moment.

As the elvish girl walked out of the alley with the small girl in tow, He dashed out from street knowing his time was up and only uttered one thing. “Keep that girl safe” and fled out of sight.


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