The Beginning

The Flux

Before recorded history, before order, before time, the world of Kedrana was in Flux. The Flux began the moment creation was realized; existence heaved and rippled, caught and twisted between the powerful raw forces in motion around it in the cosmos. Day was night and night was day and each bled into the other in the everlasting moment, subject to the whims of countless powerful, unknowable entities. Creatures scuttled across mutable landscapes, their forms as fluid and fickle as the Flux from which they had emerged. The Flux never was; the Flux was forever.

The Order

That is, until They came. From Within and Without, They tamed the Flux, bent it to their will, and established the first Order. From the Order the Pure were born, allowed to discover their forms for the first time. The Cultivator guided them, gave them names, and tended them from the bare elements. From the Order Kedrana was born, given succor from its torment. The Sculptor shaped it, built it anew from the bare elements. From the Order science was born, law imposed upon the chaos. The Thinker established it, granting a structure and process to the bare elements. From the Order time was born, with it a future and therefore a past. The Seer envisioned it, giving potential to the bare elements.

The Departure

From the Order, Kedrana grew and flourished, her beauty both stark and verdant. But They always knew there would come a time for them to Depart, and so the Flux would return. The people grew out of the Cultivator’s care, the world grew heedless of the Sculptor’s hand, the Order proceeded beyond the Thinker’s reach, and the Seer saw their age coming to a close. And so They took the people, the land, the order and the chaos; time and magic, elements, future, and past; They took everything They had wrought and in one last act, combined it all into a promise. A promise of everything They had brought, that it should never expire. And with that They Departed, leaving behind the Kronos Edict in their stead.

Or so the story goes, children…